Animal Assistance 501c3 Organization

Animal Assistance, located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, since 1952, is a perpetual, lifetime animal care, pet adoption facility in a peaceful country atmosphere. Our family oriented animal center has a purpose to provide homes for animals down on their luck, on a case by case basis. Do not abandon animals at our gates. Call and we will try to help you. Animal Assistance is one of the few animal facilities in the area actually located on a farm in a country setting with over 60 years experience.

On this website you can find links to our pets who are currently up for adoption, as well as pictures of pets who have been previously adopted. Please call us at 732-251-3210 during the morning working hours (7-10 AM Mon-Fri, 8:30-10:30 AM Sunday) only; afternoons are spent with the animals. Visitors are welcome during above business hours. Closed on Saturdays. We're also closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Animal Assistance is home to Brownee the Plain Brown Dog, LLC., a line of natural, handcrafted dog treats for your loving dog. In every shelter in America there is a plain brown dog that constantly gets passed over. They are nondescript, they don't resemble a breed and they don't get a home. If you look into their eyes they will be plain no more, and you will discover a world of love.

The only ingredients are venison, pumpkin, rye, figs, flax seed, honey, molasses, and a pinch of salt. Brownees are for pet consumption only. Break pieces off in accordance with the size of your dog.

Animal Assistance 501c3 is also the home of the iOS application Brownee’s World. The inspiration and original story behind Brownee's World comes from Brownee the Plain Brown Dog, the homemade dog treat at Animal Assistance. Brownee’s World connects people passionate about rescue dogs to other people and places that support rescue dogs (and cats).

Even if you don’t plan on rescuing a dog, Brownee’s World lets users engage in a question-based game to learn more about the adoption process and life in general of a rescue dog. Questions are designed for all ages in a way to prompt discussion about responsibilities involving rescue dogs. Users can also search for local rescues or shelters by US zip code in order to get involved and/or donate supplies.

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